This is Bliq

Microscopists serving life science research

Composed primarily of physicists and biologists, the Bliq Photonics team is passionate about designing and commercializing advanced microscopy solutions for life science applications.


Our mission

Why Bliq

Our mission is to provide researchers with innovative technologies empowering them to unlock the secrets of biology and advance medical research.

Our values

Who We Are


We know our strengths, but we also admit that we can’t know everything. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to learn from and with our customers, partners, and colleagues.


We are deeply and sincerely convinced that mutual aid, trust and knowledge sharing are essential to the satisfaction of our clients’ needs, to the development of each individual and to the success of the company.


Both individually and collectively, we are doing everything possible to achieve the goals we have set and the commitments we have made.


As part of our DNA, the spirit of innovation constantly pushes us out of our comfort zone to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Our team

What our employees have to say about Bliq

“It’s about pursuing a goal that ultimately leads us to advance science. It is extremely gratifying to see our technologies serving life science researchers on a daily basis.”

Benoit Aubé
R&D Optomechanical designer

“Working at Bliq means being part of a young, passionate and highly qualified team where we can rely on each other.”

Olivier Dupont-Therrien
Software and R&D operation director

“Everyone participates in the development of technologies in a stimulating environment where the trust, curiosity and expertise of its members are the drivers of innovation.”

Marieve Picard
Sales and marketing director

“What I appreciate most about Bliq is the strong feeling of being part of the solution and the success of the company.”

Bertrand de Dorlodot
System development team leader and after-sales service


Why Work With Us


Work as part of a team of physics, biology, and engineering experts in a cooperative, team-oriented atmosphere.

Work/Life balance

For the culture of respect and listening where the management of working hours and the location of employees are flexible.

Achieve success

Help build a high technology company that recognizes that the ultimate value lies in each individual.

Make a difference

Give meaning to your work by developing technologies and tools that will help researchers find solutions to diseases.

For spontaneous applications, please send us your resume and cover letter