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by | Jul 1, 2021

Honor Fell copyright https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Honor_Fell_2.jpg
Epithelial cells stained for actin and DNA copyright Elizabeth Fernando, PhD


Welcome to “Microscopy Field Notes”, a new blog created to help life science researchers navigate the inspiring world of optical microscopy. My name is Pina Colarusso, and I have been working as an optical microscopist over the past twenty years. Currently I direct an imaging centre, the Snyder Institute’s Live Imaging Laboratory (LCI) at the University of Calgary. Since 2001, the LCI has helped hundreds of researchers who want to investigate biological processes using optical microscopy. Over the years, a vibrant community has grown around optical imaging, allowing researchers to share ideas and build on collective experience.

Through these “field notes,” we will try to build a virtual community by weaving together the perspectives of life science researchers who are harnessing this powerful technology in the laboratory. We will illustrate by example, as people from diverse career stages and backgrounds share their stories. We will discuss techniques while integrating the informal know-how and tips that rarely appear in the literature or related media. The goal is to highlight the concepts, and skills that you can directly put into practice in your research. I will lay the groundwork over the next several months, and we will then bring in the experiences of others who are working in this exciting and rapidly evolving field. Feel free say hello and/or suggest future blog topics in the Comments section below.


We thank Bliq for sponsoring the independent blog as part of its organizational mission to support a vibrant microscopy community in Canada and internationally.


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