Fast and flexible laser-scanning multiphoton microscope.

High frame rate. High sensitivity.

Bliq Photonics’ Video-rate Microscopy System (VMS) is a robust and flexible laser-scanning microscope built for speed, precision and versatility. The VMS features a high-speed polygonal scanner coupled with sensitive detectors, with a video-rate acquisition speed of 35 FPS (frames per second) at 1024 by 512 pixels and up to 562 FPS at 1024 by 32 pixels. These extreme scanning speeds are ideal for in vivo imaging applications that require high temporal resolution such as calcium imaging, optogenetics and blood cell behavior. As opposed to resonant scanners, the VMS’ polygonal scanner provides a constant linear scan and superior precision of laser positioning offering a larger field of view. With up to 9 sensitive MultiAlkali PMT detectors, you will not miss any relevant information. Additionally, each VMS comes with a reflectance APD detector that provides extra structural information about your sample.

Bliq Photonics’ convenient acquisition controller handles enormous amount of data in real time.


Bliq Photonics’ VMS is built for both speed and sensitivity. The VMS is therefore perfect for imaging fast and dynamic events (in vivo and ex vivo) as well as signal coming from a continuously moving animal or tissue. There is a wide array of applications for this system.

  • Ideal for imaging fast and dynamic events occurring in vivo and ex vivo, including :
    • Calcium imaging
    • Cell behavior dynamic
    • Migration under flow
    • Optogenetics
  • Compatible with label-free techniques, including :
    • Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS)
    • Second Harmonic Generation (SHG)
    • Third Harmonic Generation (THG)
  • Super-resolution microscopy using Bliq Photonics’ SLAM module;
  • Rapid volumetric imaging using Bliq Photonics’ Axicon module.
  • Other applications include (but are not limited to):
    • Photo-stimulation (visible and/or IR light)
    • Patch clamp
    • Photon counting
    • Cell tracking
    • Colocalization
    • Multiphoton/confocal two-in-one system

It’s not just an imaging system, it’s your tailor-made and personalized microscope.

Purchasing a microscope is an enormous investment of time and money.  Bliq has the expertise to help you specify your new instrument and the technology to ensures you receive the most value for your investment.

Our VMS does not entirely fulfill your needs?.

Bliq’s approach to imaging system customization is simple; our engineering team helps you efficiently design the system that you need so you don’t have to pay for unnecessary components. Here are a few examples of Bliq Photonics’ custom solutions :

  • Multiphoton VMS with both visible and two-photon photo-stimulation;
  • Multiphoton VMS with custom phosphorescence lifetime measurement;
  • Axicon integration into an existing multiphoton system;
  • Video-microscope for live imaging with 2 simultaneous widefield illuminations (100 FPS);
  • Custom mouse holder for brain imaging.

Specifications – VMS*

Unit Description Specifications
 _  _  _
Light sources Infrared pulsed laser MaiTai series from Spectra-Physics
Insight series from Spectra-Physics
Chameleon series from Coherent
Discovery series from Coherent
Laser power control Polarization, AOM or EOM attenuation
Visible laser combiner Up to 7 different laser lines
Epifluorescence All modern lamp sources
 _  _  _
Scanning Polygonal scanner + galvanometer X axis: adjustable 9 – 18 kHz (lines per second); Y axis: galvanometer mirror
Frame rate 35 FPS at 1 024 x 512, 562 FPS at 1 024 x 32
Light path Gold mirrors (<4% power loss)
Broadband dielectric mirrors (<1% power loss)
Scanning options XY, XYZ, XYT, XYZT
 _  _  _
Detection High-sensitivity detectors (PMTs) Up to 3 MultiAlkali Photomultiplier Tubes (up to 9 on custom systems)
Analog and digital output
Reflectance detector APD reflectance detector
 _  _  _
Micoscope Stand Upright and inverted
 _  _  _
Computer Hardware 4.2 GHz, 128 GB SDRAM, 4 TB SSD, 27″ 5K display (5120 by 2880), Thunderbolt 3 (40 Go/s)
 _  _  _
Software Basic licence X and Y axis scanning control
PMT gain and tension control
Z axis movement control
Motorized stage module XYZT (tiling, multi-site acquisition)
Photo-stimulation module Flashed ROI (simple or multiple)
Triggers for stimulation and acquisition
Axicon control module Automated control of the volumetric module and bypass
SLAM control module Automated control of the super-resolution module
* Note that the components included in this section are examples that have successfully been built by Bliq. Special requirements for many of the components can easily be met. Ask us how we can create a system that will best fit your needs.

Polygonal scanner

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