Super-resolution for confocal and multiphoton systems

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Courtesy of Dr Yves De Koninck, CERVO Research Center, Université Laval.

Enhanced resolution

How does it work?

Visualize structures down to 120nm. Switching Laser Mode imaging (SLAM) is based upon the emission differential between Gaussian and annular laser excitation modes and raises the lateral resolution by a factor of two of any laser-scanning microscope. SLAM operates in both visible and infra-red excitations.


Greater performance

Turn on SLAM and acquire high resolution images rapidly from any sample

When installed in the VMS, SLAM can perform at a speed of 15 FPS (1024 X 512). It works brilliantly with live, fixed and cleared samples and can be used on living animals.

ovarian cells

Single plane ovarian cells. GFP/Green (Actin filaments), Alexa594/Red (Mitochondria) imaged without (OFF) or with (ON) SLAM. The two images on the right have been zoomed by a factor of 4.

Rapid and versatile

Achieve higher resolution with less excitation

SLAM’s patented technology is not a depletion based approach and therefore is more gentle to the sample and functions with convential fluorescent dyes. SLAM can also be used on label-free techniques such as CARS, SHG/THG, FLIM and PLIM among others.

cars slam

Myelin sheaths in a mouse brainstem imaged with standard CARS microscopy (left) and SLAM-CARS microscopy (middle). Zoomed-in regions are displayed on the right. Courtesy of Dr Daniel C. Côté, CERVO Research Center, Université Laval.

Compact and modular

Install SLAM on commercial and homemade confocal and multiphoton systems

The SLAM add-on is a small and compact module that augments your system’s current features, without any interference. SLAM works at the excitation level and is thus compatible with descanned and non-descanned detection systems.

cars slam


Resolution improvement

Up to twice the lateral resolution of conventional LSM (≈ 100 nm, depending on objective magnification
and wavelength)

Frame rate inside VMS

Up to 15 FPS at 1024 x 512

Compatible light sources

- Visible laser diodes
- Pulsed IR lasers

SLAM transmission



Compatible with all fluorophores and fluorescent proteins

Imaging techniques

Compatible with label-free techniques such as CARS (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering),
SHG and THG (Second and Third Harmonic Generation);

Low power requirement

For minimal bleaching and photo-toxicity; non destructive. Suitable for in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro imaging

Laser switching control

Software-controlled (Nirvana)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

180mm x 180mm x 100mm

As an upgrade

Compatibility: Most commercial and custom-made confocal and multiphoton systems
Frame rate: Requires the conversion of two different images, reduces frame rate by a factor of 2
FOV: Field of view unaffected (same as without SLAM)
Image acquisition and processing: External trigger and plug in available