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By analogy, if each system and module developed by Bliq Photonics are musical instruments, Nirvana is the conductor of the orchestra. Nirvana’s smooth design, clean user interface and easy-to-use features create an imaging station that can be operated by users of all skill levels.

In order to keep up with updates from first and third parties, Nirvana is constantly being optimized by our expert programmers. Our team of engineers and programmers is also at your disposal to answer all your special needs. This includes the development of new plateforms to give you the scientific edge you require.

Nirvana software enables you to controls all the parameters of image acquisition for both laser-scanning and wide-field systems. Nirvana is designed specifically for Apple computers to allow for a smooth and reliable experience.

Software functions

Software functions Description
_ _ _
Basic features
Laser Individual laser power and shutter control
Acquisition XY, XYZ, XYT, XYZT scanning options
Detection Up to 8 simultaneous channels (PMTs)
Reflectance detection channel (simultaneous)
Z axis motorization Z axis movement control
Basic image analysis Histograms, pixel size, image size, LUT
Annotations Scale bar, distances, arrows, time, text, ROI, shapes
_ _ _
Advanced features
XY axis motorization XY axis movement control
Stitching Image (XY) or volume (XYZ) stitching
Colocalization Histogram-based colocalization measurements
Calcium imaging Real-time measurement of ΔF/F for an ROI
Photo-stimulation Manage duration and intensity of photo-stimulation of multiple ROI
Acquisition trigger
SLAM super-resolution Real-time or post-acquisition processing of SLAM images