Rapid volumetric imaging with Bessel beam

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Zebrafish courtesy of Dr Paul De Koninck, CERVO Research Center, Université Laval.

Volumetric imaging

How does it work?

The Axicon module is designed to increase the imaging depth of field. The laser beam entering the microscope is shaped in such a way that a needle of light is generated inside the sample instead of a spot. Adjustable length of the line allows to match the thickness of your structure of interest and observe dynamic processes over the entire volume simultaneously.


High efficiency

Reduce respiration movement or vascular pulsation artifacts

Compensate for X,Y,Z displacements with the video-rate acquisition of the VMS and the Axicon volumetric imaging capabilities

Axicon Yves de Konninck

Courtesy of Dr Yves De Koninck, CERVO Research Center, Université Laval 

Large volume coverage

Catch rapid events happening at different focal planes

The Axicon module is a powerful optical tool that easily allows the direct and rapid visualization of events happening at different focal planes.


In vivo imaging of GFP-labeled microglial cells in zebrafish. Single plane image (left) and Axicon image (right) covering 30 μm in Z. For the same scanning time, the Axicon image covers a greater DOF and provides more information than a single plane. Zebrafish courtesy of Dr Paul De Koninck, CERVO Research Center, Université Laval.

Rapid scanning

Scan 30 times faster using the Axicon!

Reduce the acquisition time of large samples by imaging volumes instead of planes.

zebrafish axicon

Compact design

Upgrade your existing commercial or homemade multiphoton system

With its modular design, easily install the Axicon in the optical path of your system and switch from standard to volumetric imaging mode with a single push button.

axicon equipment


Axicon lens

Generates a Bessel beam adjustable in length. Converts XY scanning into XYZ volume scanning

Depth of field (DOF) range

User-definable DOF from 10um to 50um; diffraction limited lateral resolution. Does not affect the scan speed

Available models

- Fixed DOF
- Motorized DOF adjustement
* Both models come with a bypass to switch between Bessel and Gaussian illumination modes

Motorized DOF adjustement

Up to 50um with 5um step size

Axicon transmission


Bypass control

Software-controlled (Nirvana) and one-push button

Frame rate inside VMS

32 volumes of 400 x 200 x 10-50 µm per second (1024 x 512) *
* With 20X objective

No need to move the sample

Keep the sample fixed with respect to the objective during volumetric image acquisition

Bessel illumination

10% improved lateral resolution compared to Gaussian illumination

Dimensions (L x W x H)

"- Fixed: 212mm x 175mm x 115mm
- Motorized: 250mm x 175mm x 115mm"

As an upgrade

Compatibility: Most commercial and custom-made multiphoton systems
Frame rate: Scanning speed unaffected (same as without Axicon)
FOV: Field of view unaffected (same as without Axicon)