Product Manager

You are passionate about life sciences. You want to contribute to bringing high quality solutions to scientists in this field. Bliq Photonics, an innovative and growing company specializing in the design, production and marketing of advanced microscopy solutions, is recruiting a product manager. You will have the exciting task of managing the product portfolio of the company.

Main tasks:

● Business Analysis: bringing together financial and market data in order to assess the commercial potential of a technology and whether it may be a success for the company.

● Customer needs identification: use of various research techniques to determine the customer needs and to understand their most significant problems.

● Competitive analysis: mastering segmentation, market evaluation, strategic and competitive intelligence, multi-industry comparison and marketing strategy.

● Marketing Strategy and Planning: gathering data to formulate product, pricing, distribution and promotion/advertising strategies to ensure long-term viability and maintain competitive advantage.

● Develop business cases and make sure with all stakeholders that the specifications of the product and the objectives of the project are clear. Monitor their progress and facilitate the management, structuring and planning of multidisciplinary team meetings, information sharing, etc.

● Launch and Portfolio Management/Product Life Cycle: develop and implement launch plan, ensure maximum visibility to achieve desired sales projections. Plan for profitability through a good understanding of the financial aspects (profit/loss ratio, product financial and operational results, portfolio performance, etc.).


● 3 years experience in a similar role or in a sales or marketing position in the microscopy field or as a core facility manager.

● Master’s or PhD degree in science (neuroscience, biology, biophotonics or related fields).

● Financial basic knowledge (P&L..) is a plus.

● Strong analytical skills, ability to influence others and self-driven.

● Organized and good communication skills.

● Ability to easily interact with different customer profiles and build strong relationships.

● Flexible and able to adapt to the needs of a young and growing company.

● Ability and willingness to travel.

● Based in Québec city.

Why join the Bliq Photonics team?

● To work within a team of experts in physics, biology and engineering in an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork.

● For the culture of respect and listening where the management of work hours and location are flexible.

● To participate in building a high technology company where we recognize that the ultimate value lies in people.

● To give meaning to your work by developing tools that will help researchers find solutions to diseases.


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