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From advanced video-rate multiphoton system tailored for successful in vivo imaging to cost-effective rapid widefield optical sectioning

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Image courtesy of Dr. Martin Lévesque, CERVO Research Center, Université Laval


Unique imaging solutions for unique imaging challenges

Bliq Photonics VMS multiphoton scanner

Multiphoton systems

– The VMS (Video-rate Microscopy System) and its variants

  • Hybrid VMS/Confocal

– Bessel Light Sheet


Value-added modules

  • AXICON : Bessel beam volumetric imaging
  • SPARQ: Fast widefield optical sectioning
Bliq accesories


  • Variety of mouse holders
  • Treadmill
  • Full enclosure incubator
  • Special nosepiece for 2P imaging
  • And more…

Our customers

What people have to say about Bliq

“It was absolutely critical that we had the Bliq team of engineers to back us up on this system. The systems right now are phenomenal. I can’t tell you enough how exciting it is to go in the lab, flip the switch and have it just work!”

Dr. Christina Baer
SCOPE, University of Massachusetts

“We acquired the VMS because we were able to design it in collaboration with Bliq’s engineers to be as flexible as possible. We have all sorts of preps at the Heart and Lung Institute from metabolic disease, cancer, immunology to brain research. So we needed the system to be as flexible as possible!”

Dr. David Marsolais
Quebec Heart and Lung Institute, Laval University

High success rate

Maximize the success rate of your in vivo experiment

In vivo imaging has its challenges, and Bliq solutions are designed to address them:

  • Video-rate acquisition with no S/N ratio compromise
  • Unique VMS upgrade options including: volumetric imaging, super-resolution, and more
  • Multiple in vivo accessories such as mouse holders, treadmills…
sparq add on

Greater performance

Improve the capability of your existing microscope with Bliq’s technology add-ons

Would you like to give more value and versatility to your current microscope as your needs grow? Consider adding optical sectioning, super-resolution and volumetric imaging.

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